Solace Place Foundation International (SOPAFON)

is a non-governmental organization that works in partnership with other organizations’ of like mind guided by fundamental commitment to human rights and the alleviation of human suffering, it seeks to prevent and resolve conflicts, enhance freedom and democracy and improve health.

SOPAFON main goal is to bring the hopeless less privilege, widows, grass-root women in agriculture, orphans and vulnerable children, the destitute and the unemployed youths to a hopeful citizen by providing rehabilitation, empowerment, and economic strengthening including legal aid, and also supporting persons infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and Cancer testing/treatment.


Incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission in 2008 (CAC No: 27538). Solace Place Foundation International (SOPAFON) is a visionary and not-for-profit Non-Governmental Organization, established to give succor to humanity especially the less-privileged.



  • To bring the hopeless less-privilege, widows, orphans and vulnerable children, the destitute and the unemployed youths to a hopeful citizens by providing rehabilitation, empowerment and economic strengthening, good health including legal aids also supporting persons infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and Cancer testing/treatment.
  • To offer educational and psychosocial supports such as: Scholarship, Skills Development Trainings, and to advocate and draw support of key Stakeholders in other to give Succor to the less-privileged in rural communities through seminars and workshops.


  • To steadfastly promote good health and provide survival support to the dying needy, as well intervene in diverse areas for the good of humanity and progress of the global society.


  • To restore hope to the less-privilege people in our society by providing necessary care and support for their survival


  • Transparency
  • Dedication
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Creativity
  • Compassionate


The motto of this organization is; “Blessing lives through benevolence”. The logo reflects the world as a global village and shows the scope and concept of our activities. Inside the globe is a good Samaritan giving hope, comfort, and protection to an orphan whose responsibility is for all of us who are privileged to assist in all aspects.


All SOPAFON programmes and projects are strictly implemented and guided by the “GRINCT” principle:

G-  Growth: SOPAFON believes that people can improve their lives when provided with the necessary skills, knowledge and resources.

R-  Responsibility: SOPAFON addresses difficult problems and recognizes the possibility of failure as an acceptable risk.

I-  Integrity: SOPAFON strives to be truthful and honest in all our dealings with stakeholders, partners and community of nations.

N-  Neutrality: SOPAFON is non-partisan and therefore, acts as a neutral entity, especially in dispute resolution and political issues.

C-  Creativity: SOPAFON does not duplicate the efforts of others, but strives to ensure originally in all her endeavours.

T-  Transparency: SOPAFON strives to be transparent in all our activities and in relation to stakeholders, donor organizations, government, her volunteers and the general public.


(a) To bring the less-privileged, widows, orphans and the destitute

who lost out from God’s faith owing to lack of care to His sanctuary by letting them known

the word and by helping to provide their physical needs.

(b)  To establish a fellowship forum for the less-privileged and widows.

(c) To set up rehabilitation and skills acquisition centers at various grassroots communalities

especially where the restive youths of our society are leaving.

(d) To award scholarships to physically-challenged people and students of poor parentage

while providing academic materials for them.

(e) To empower women to embark on petty-trading and avoid their involvement in promiscuity

which could lead to their untimely death.

(f) To support poor rural dwellers to get access to medical facilities and overcome

premature deaths and deaths arising from minor illness.

g) To provide legal aid to widows and other poor members of the society whose rights are being violated or suppressed, aimed at getting justice for them.

(h)  To embark on public campaigns in order to attract public attention and help to all classes of vulnerable people and conduct seminars, workshops and conferences to train CDC members as well as women and youth leaders in promoting the spirit of self-help projects as well as arm them with conflict resolutions and management skills, aimed at stimulating a peaceful, harmonious, progressive and sustainable society in Nigeria importantly the Niger delta of Nigeria.

(i)  To establish mission outreaches for winning more souls to God’s kingdom and making them better and reputable candidates wherever the demands are mostly needed within Nigeria and globally.

(j)  To provide support to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and people caring for HIV/AIDS patients (PCHAP) and embark on counseling services for victims and care-givers as well as carry out campaigns/organize workshops/seminars, aimed at checking stigmatization and discrimination against HIV/AIDS patients and care-givers. We shall also provide for their rehabilitation and give financial aids to patients and those taking care of them.

(k)  To promote global peace, understanding, harmony and unity.

(l)  To assist vulnerable people across the world irrespective of culture, social status, religion race, language, color, ethnicity or affiliation.

Some of Our Partners

  • AHOMI/AHOMSA, South Africa

  • Betha Tora Organization, Maryland, USA

  • Blobacom Nigeria Limited

  • Foundation for Female Empowerment (FFE)

  • Youth Fate Renaissance (YFR)

  • Life Recoverers Action Group Of Nigeria (LIRAGON)

  • World Bank

  • National Directorate of Employment (NDE)

  • Rivers State Action Committee on AIDs (RIVSACA)

  • Rivers State Ministry of Social welfare & Rehabilitation

  • Beemia Association of Ogoni (BABO)

  • Rivers State Sustainable Development Agency (RSSDA)

  • Rivers State Ministry of Women Affairs

  • Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC)

  • National Poverty Eradication programme (NAPEP)

Join us to Reach out to the poor and needy

God has used us to touch hundreds of lives in many states. We are seeing beyond the frontiers of this nation and Africa. We are seeing the needs of people around the world.  With your encouragement, We will do much more better!..