“God who rules in the affairs of mankind and controls different times has a way, in His foreknowing of minimizing human crises to produce direction in life and fulfilling pre-ordained purpose for every individual, especially those whom He has called.” It all stared in 1996 at Oje Hospital in Egbema Town in Rivers State where I was being hospitalized. As I was lying on the bed critically ill and almost dying, I was caught up into a trance, like a dream.

 I saw a man clothed in white garment that appeared and said to me “IT IS NOT YET YOUR TIME TO DIE! What you are passing through is caused by your enemies!! The road you are going now is the path to the land of the dead.” And he asked me: “IF I STOP YOU FROM THIS ROAD, what will you do to appreciate the Lord through humanity?” There and then, I answered and said: LORD, IF YOU WILL DELIVER ME, I will take care of the widows, orphans and female youths that engage in commercial prostitution (sex work) and shall carry out other assignment related to human on earth.

So he asked me to go back. And from that dream world, I was restored back to life. As I woke up, I discovered His healing grace and virtues running all over my systems. Thereafter, I was discharged from the hospital.

It was this circumstances in my life that gave birth to solace place foundation international and ever since then, we have been reaching out to men and women all over the world and preaching to fulfill the divine vow to feed the hungry, cloth the naked, treat the sick, care and support the prostitute as well as provide succor for the denied, down-trodden, and neglected in our society.

Solace place foundation international, in partnership with like-minded organization, is committed to advancing human rights and alleviating unnecessary human sufferings and crises. Founded in 2006 by Mrs. Mercy Gani, this NGO has helped in improving the quality of life of several people and families, especially in Nigeria, but also in other country around the world in no small way. Led by Mrs. Mercy Gani, the founder and a tireless member of the Board of Trustee, employees of Solace Place Foundation International stimulate and remote peace, fight disease, and build hope by both engaging with those at the highest levels of government and working side by side with poor and often-forgotten people in remote rural communities lacking government presence (social amenities and infrastructure).

With available resources and material; medicated or worked to prevent family and village conflicts; intervened to prevent the spread of communicable disease in some village in Nigeria, and strived to diminish the stigma against mental illness and HIV/AIDS. A not –for-profit, and non religious NGO, SOPAFON’S activities are supported by donations from individuals, foundations, corporate bodies, donor agencies, enterprises, government and it’s agencies, nations as well as other kind-hearted private groups and families.

Our humanitarian NGO bent on touching lives without clichés attached and without regards for religion, creed, race, ethnicity or colour was able to pool resources together.

Join us to Reach out to the poor and needy

God has used us to touch hundreds of lives in many states. We are seeing beyond the frontiers of this nation and Africa. We are seeing the needs of people around the world.  With your encouragement, We will do much more better!..