Public Enlightenment Programme

we embark on massive public enlightenment education activities to stimulate the consciousness of the masses and build conscience in people and government at levels with regards to respecting the dignity and rights of children based on the Child Rights Act. We also campaigned against the kidnapping of children and women as well as old men and young people.

Our activities under this programme also educate the public against Cancer in the society mostly, teach the women how to do breast self examination.

Our campaign condemns traditional harmful practices (HTPs), dispossession and maltreatment of widows and other forms of violence against weak and poor women. Child labour, condemnation of fetish and cultural methods and beliefs, human trafficking for commercial sex. Our campaign also takes us to market places as well as to radio stations and newspaper establishments.


Our NGO during the year under review carried out a number of activities, which had a positive impact on the lives of different people across various communities.

Scholarship Awarded
Vulnerable People Benefited

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God has used us to touch hundreds of lives in many states. We are seeing beyond the frontiers of this nation and Africa. We are seeing the needs of people around the world.  With your encouragement, We will do much more better!..